How this one-minute exercise can improve your sex life and make your partner very happy

YOU’VE come to this article because you want to have better sex – no shame.

Yoga instructor Olga Urbanovich shared an insightful video on how to get those hips ready for a night of passion and it just takes a little practice.

A yoga instructor urged her followers to do the frog pose to improve their sex life


A yoga instructor urged her followers to do the frog pose to improve their sex lifeCredit: TikTok
You only need to do it one minute a day


You only need to do it one minute a dayCredit: TikTok

The frog pose, as it is called in yoga, will allegedly improve your sex life and you only need to practice it one minute a day to really feel the full effects.

The yogi claims that the pose not only improves your sex life but also strengthens your pelvic floor and stimulates digestions.

Frog pose is an intermediate yoga pose. It takes some practice to get into, but once you do, it’s a great hip opener and hip opener.

Doria Gani from south London is a naked yoga teacher and devotee. She has been practicing this position for more than 12 years since she was diagnosed with cervical carcinoma.

Doria, 44 years old, is now helping others accept their bodies as well as deal with trauma.

“As 16 men and women of all shapes and sizes did a downward-facing dog naked in front of me, I felt immensely proud. My dream was to help others accept their bodies as a naked yoga teacher. 

“Growing up in Tuscany, Italy, I spent a long time battling body demons. Although I was just over 98 lbs as a teenager, I never felt thin enough for my height of 5ft 2. I suffered from bulimia at the age of 25 and dropped to an unhealthy weight of 84 pounds. I had negative thoughts about myself and my body for a year. 

“In 2005, aged 29, I came to London to improve my English, getting a job in retail in Covent Garden. I fell in love with London and decided to stay. However, I discovered that my body was bleeding after I had sex four years ago.

“A smear test and biopsy revealed the worst possible news: I had stage 3 cervical cancer. I had surgery in May 2009. Then followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. This put me into early menopause. It was very devastating to hear that I would not be able to have kids. 

“I felt weak for months after my treatment, so one day I went to a yoga class held by Macmillan Cancer Support. I’d never tried it before and it felt good to connect with my body again.

“After three classes, I felt happier and stronger, and soon I was going every day.

“I loved yoga so much that in March 2014 I took six weeks off work to train as a yoga teacher in India. A year later, I was invited to the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. This festival celebrates nudity.

“One morning, I saw an naked model sitting under a large sculpture. It was so cool, I decided to try it.

“Stripping off, I walked up to a guy with a camera and asked him to take pictures of me. Although I was initially nervous when I began doing yoga poses, he quickly snapped off. I focused on my breathing and became lost in the moment.

“When I came back to London, I wanted to share the feeling of liberation by teaching naked yoga, and in April 2016 I started doing one-on-one classes, fitting it around my HR job.

“I taught mostly naturists and clients who were recovering from cancer. However, when one guy asked me: ‘Are you going to touch me during the practice?’ it rang alarm bells, so I decline clients like him. 

“I held my first group class in a chilly hall in south London in January 2017, and all 16 places sold out. Before the class, I was anxious to death.

“I arranged everyone in a semi-circle so they were all facing me, not each other, and I told them that staring and criticism were not allowed. If I needed to correct students’ postures, I would talk them through it but not touch them, to make them comfortable. 

“In 2018 I left my HR job to go full-time as a teacher. I had to hold classes over Zoom in lockdown, which worked well, but I’m looking forward to face-to-face work again when possible because some people do prefer it.

“Meanwhile, I’ve come so far since my days of bulimia. Yoga has helped me let go of my past and keep me mentally and physically fit.

“Helping others to love their bodies has become my life’s work.”

This pose also has other benefits


This pose also has other benefitsCredit: TikTok

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