How long will it take for Taylor Swift’s presale codes to be released and can you transfer them?

Ahead of the Eras Tour arriving in the UK, you might be wondering when Taylor Swift’s exclusive presale codes are coming out.

Following last year’s Ticketmaster disaster, Taylor Swift‘s team are changing the way for true fans to gain access to the Eras Tour presale. Let’s just say that the third-party bots will have a hard time beating Swifties for these coveted tour tickets.

Taylor Swift offers presale tickets for Eras Tour’s second leg

Taylor revealed last month she would bring the Eras Tour across Europe and the UK to the international audience. But hoping to avoid another Ticketmaster debacle – last year, resale opportunists were pushing $40k front row Eras Tour seats – Taylor has a new plan for the true Swifties to get first access.

Fans who want to access the presale tickets will now have to register on each city’s official registration page on Taylor’s tour You can find out more about this website at. All those who sign up will receive an email with a non-transferable presale code.

Unfortunately, registration does not ensure you get a ticket. You’ll still have to go up against thousands of Swifties who are keen to see Taylor in action next year. Registration closes on June 22, in Ireland, Europe and the UK.

When are Taylor Swift’s presale codes coming out?

Please mark July 5th, 2023 in your calendar. Swifties from across the pond will find this date important, since the presale code for Taylor Swift’s tickets is only available to Swifties. The codes are non-transferable and start being released in the first week of the month.

Registered fans will start receiving their unique presale codes from Wednesday, July 5 ahead of next week’s presale ticket release. Tickets usually go on sale at 10am local. The email addresses of fans who are selected to participate in the presale early access will be notified.

All UK and Ireland concerts are available to other UK fans that participated in the Midnights pre-ordering offer. They do not need to register for the city’s specific presale offer. Again, those fans will be communicated with via the email supplied during checkout when they bought Taylor’s latest album. This is only eligible for fans who pre-ordered Midnights from Taylor’s official UK store between August 29 and October 27, 2022.

Midnights will distribute unique access codes to presales between Thursday July 6, 10am, and Friday July 7, 10am.

If you have not received your Midnights pre-release access code by the time the window closes, please contact [email protected]

Taylor Swift UK Eras Tour presale Tickets: How To Get Them

There are several dates to add to the calendar if you’ve got your hands on a presale code.

The presale tickets will be released for London at 10am on July 10. Next, tickets for the Edinburgh and Dublin tours will be available on Tuesday July 11, at 10 am. The tickets to the tour dates in Liverpool and Cardiff will be released on Wednesday, 12th July at 10am.

UK general ticket sale will occur later in the month of July. PinkNews The following are some reports The general sale tickets are expected to be released between July 18-20.

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