How Famous People Coped with Depression

Depression can take a toll on one’s wellness. Unlike a visible physical disorder, depression may not be apparent to others but can still be detrimental to one’s health and life. Sometimes such conditions in an individual can also impact the lives of others around them.

If you thought that depression affects only a certain group of people, it might surprise you to know that it can strike anyone regardless of status, age, gender and community. There are several famous people with depression who have been seeking treatment for the same. Here are life stories of some celebrities who opened up about their mental trauma and gracefully battled it.

How Famous People Coped with Depression

Katy Perry

The famous American singer and songwriter disclosed her battle with “situational depression” via a YouTube Livestream. As expressed by the celebrity, this came after her album “Witness” didn’t receive the expected acclaim from her fans and critics. During this period, she discovered a novel foundation that set the path ahead for her forthcoming music endeavours. 

Lady Gaga

Does that name surprise you? The well-known pop star, Lady Gaga talked about experiencing depression throughout her life. In 2015, the Billboard magazine stated that she was on medication to cope with her depressive conditions. It was music that helped this famous personality to address her feelings and cope with anxiety and pain. 

Michael Phelps 

Could you imagine an Olympic swimming champion fighting depression? Well, in his interview with the CNN, Phelps said that he gave into drug addiction to self-medicate. He went through a low phase after the 2012 Summer Olympics. 

Undergoing different stress management programs helped him cope and motivated him to offer courses around mental health through his Foundation. 

J.K. Rowling

The author of the popular “Harry Potter” book series, J.K. Rowling said that she experienced depression even when she wrote her novels and found the phase unpleasing. However, it was her creative writing skills that inspired her to overcome such a state of despair. 

Sheryl Crow, Terry Bradshaw, Buzz Aldrin, Wayne Brady and Jim Carrey are among some of the other renowned people who have successfully sailed through depression. 

If any of your loved ones has been experiencing any difficult emotions such as frustration, anger, guilt, fear, sadness or helplessness since a long time, here’s how you can help them. 

How to help?

The first step towards nipping depression at the bud is to identify its symptoms and causes. A low state of mind for months can rob an individual of his/her positive energy. The symptoms of this condition can make it difficult for people to connect emotionally with others as well. While the cause of despair can be any, not addressing it can make things worse. 

As a friend or a family member, you may not be able to fix someone else’s depression but that doesn’t mean you can’t help. You can at least rescue the affected person, offer love and support and suggest appropriate professional health. 

Approaching the affected person

Regardless of who it is, you need to be sensitive to the person who shows any symptoms of depression. Yes, at first, you may feel uncomfortable not knowing how they would react to your willingness to help them. However, sometimes just talking can help. 

With you, offering space for a discussion, the concerned individual may feel encouraged to share their feelings. One may also be willing to listen and express within a safe and secure environment. Try to make sure that it’s a conversation and not a lecture session as that may discourage and prevent the person from undergoing a tough phase to open up. 

In case you sense that the person needs professional help or shows fatal symptoms such as the risk of suicide, it would be better not to leave them alone until help arrives. Read more about ways to prevent suicidal thoughts at

You can contact emergency services through their helpline number in your state to intimate respective authorities for immediate assistance. Watch out for the warning signs. For instance, a person considering suicide as the only resort may talk about it or try to engage in other forms of self-destructive behaviour, express feelings of hopelessness, seek out for sleeping pills, lethal objects etc. 

Encourage treatment 

How Famous People Coped with Depression

It may not be completely possible to control someone’s recovery from a depressed state of mind, but you can seek help. It is common for people with such conditions to think in negative ways. 

Sometimes they may not be open to holding your helping hands. In such cases, it is best to first identify the obstacle and gradually motivate the affected person towards undergoing the required treatment. 

If your close associate resists to any form of external help, you can suggest a general check-up with a family physician to take one step at a time. At times, professional recommendations can help. If your loved one needs assistance to book an appointment with a health professional, you can reach out for help on their behalf. Check out ideas on how to fight depression.

Simply being around your loved in need and motivating them into positive thoughts and actions can go a long way in defeating the silent killer. 

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