Here are some fun facts about Julia Fox, including her art background

Her role in “Uncut Gems”was specially written for her, but she still had to audition.

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Julia Fox in “Uncut Gems.”


Fox played Howard’s mistress/employer, in “2019”Uncut Gems” costarring alongside Adam Sandler. 

Insider’s Jason Guerrasio reported that Fox had made friends with Josh Safdie in 2017, as Insider’s Jason Guerrasio reported. Safdie and his brother were still in the beginning stages of writing “Uncut Gems,”Fox would have a conversation with him about Julia’s character. 

“The Julia character being into photography, tattooing a guy’s name on her, even having an all-out fight with a guy in front of a club are all things from Fox’s real life (though the tattoo of an ex is not on her rear end),”Guerrasio wrote the 2020 profile. 

However, Fox was unable to guarantee Julia’s role as the project progressed with Adam Sandler. 

“Going up against hundreds, she fought for the role and got the part that was written for her,” Guerrasio reported.

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