Former Trump Staffer Stephanie Grisham Talks Jan 6 Interrogation

Former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham testified in front of the Jan. 6 committee for a second time on Wednesday, and during Thursday’s episode of “The View,” she admitted it was “much longer” and more “stressful” this time around.

Grisham, who has been guest-hosting “The View” this week, noted that she left pretty much immediately after Wednesday’s show to appear in front of the committee for her second round of questioning. Naturally, the hosts were curious as to what the experience was like.

“It was stressful,” Grisham admitted. “It was my second time doing it, this time was much, much longer.”

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That said, Grisham noted that the increased length of it, along with increased specificity of questions, has her feeling hopeful that the committee will yield a good outcome — if they can get it done in time.

“I am very hopeful, but I’m really mindful of the clock,” she added. “As you all know, subpoenas have been put out for people, they’re being ignored. And if the Republicans take over in the midterms, they’re going to completely eradicate the committee, so nothing will come of it. But I’m hopeful. A couple of the people on the panel had some really pointed questions for me that made me feel like they were headed in a good direction.”

When pressed on what exactly she meant by “a good direction,” Grisham remained steadfast in not revealing anything, but hinted that she thinks the questions are stemming from very specific places.

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“Just that perhaps they’ve got some information that will be very helpful in holding — that’s the thing I’ve got to be careful — but in holding the appropriate people accountable. And just more important, showing the country what really went on behind the scenes. If they do it in time. I am very, very nervous about that. The Trump World is very good at ignoring subpoenas and running down the clock. They know how to do that very, very well.”

You can watch Grisham’s full comments on testifying to the Jan. 6 committee in the video above.

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