Father John Misty’s New Single “Goodbye Mr. Blue”, performed by him on ‘Colbert.”

Father John Misty made an appearance on The Late ShowHis latest song will be showcased “Goodbye Mr. Blue.” Appearing on a dimly-lit stage backed by an orchestra, the singer gave an emotional rendition of the song, which reflects on a relationship that fades after the death of a cat.

“Maybe if he’d gone sooner/Could’ve brought us back together last June,”The singer-songwriter sings. “When our last time was our last time/If only then I knew/That last time was our last time/Would have told you/That the last time comes too soon.”

“Goodbye Mr. Blue,” which dropped yesterday, is set to appear on Father John Misty’s next album, Chloë and the Next 20th CenturyAvailable April 8. This single is the third single from the album. “Q4” and “Funny Girl.” The LP is Fthe singer’s first in four years, following 2018’s God’s Favorite Customer. 

Father John Misty has a handful of shows scheduled around the arrival of Chloë the Next 20th Century — including a pair of gigs in the U.K. and two record-release shows at the Rainbow Room in New York City, both on April 14. He will also be appearing at several North American festivals during the summer.

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