Fans show their Concern on a Filter-less Selfie of Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton gave a recent speech 1000-Lb. Sisters Fans get exactly what they want. There is no filter. TLC’s TLC star has been very active on Instagram in recent weeks. It could have something to do with the recent rumours about her death. Tammy was quick to shut down the rumour noting that just because she didn’t post it did not mean she had passed away. To confirm her existence, Tammy apparently went on to flood Instagram with selfies.

Fans show their Concern on a Filter-less Selfie of Tammy Slaton


1000-lb. Sisters Fans will find something else to complain about.

Unfortunately, Tammy Slaton is not able to make it. 1000-Lb. Sisters Fans aren’t happy with her. One follower questioned why she kept posting variations of the same selfie over and again. Some said that she could only travel so much. Which type of photos were they claiming to be expecting? It is important to remember that Tammy Slaton has a contract with TLC. 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 has been confirmed. Fans can only assume Tammy has been forbidden from posting any full-body photos that would reveal her weight gain or loss.

Filters are a major complaint about some fans. Tammy Slaton uploads a lot of Instagram selfies. These selfies can be filtered with all manner of filters. Fans who are fed up with Tammy Slaton argue that they want to see her real face. They don’t want to see photos of her hiding behind filters.

Fans show their Concern on a Filter-less Selfie of Tammy Slaton

It turns out that Tammy Slaton actually reads her Instagram comments. She also decided to give her fans what they wanted. The photo is without any filter.

Tammy Slaton switches off the filter and gives her fans what they want

Tammy Slaton shared a single selfie, the caption of the photo was not filtered by her. Many of her fans agree that it was very sad that she posted a photo without any filter. Tammy, however, didn’t stop there. Tammy also uploaded a video to her Instagram Stories. She explained that people kept asking for her to remove the filters from the video. This was her video. This is her without any filters.

Fans aren’t sure what to make of this selfie. They are however sad that she seems to still be on oxygen. Fans appeal to Tammy for her to take her health more seriously.

Fans show their Concern on a Filter-less Selfie of Tammy Slaton

Is Tammy Slaton a weight loss rumoured? What do YOU think of her selfie with no filter? Please share your thoughts with us via the comments. Keep checking back to see the latest news about TLC personalities.

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