Ludacris & Eudoxie Married On The Exact Same Day He Proposed To Her

Ludacris, an actor, and rapper has a wonderful history with Eudoxie, his longtime wife, and model. They practice forgiveness. The couple had an amazing proposal and wedding story.

After spending a few years together and experiencing the ups and downs in romance, Ludacris and Eudoxie, the stylish rapper Ludacris, have now married. Tied the knot in the most dramatic but sweetest way possible.

Ludacris felt 2015 was the right time to propose to Eudoxie and they did it on the same day. It was romantic. Most celebrities spend months planning their weddings, getting their rings and cakes ready, but Ludacris only needed a few hours with his wife to get it all together.

Ludacris & Eudoxie Married On The Exact Same Day He Proposed To Her

Close sources revealed that the event was gorgeous, graced by the couple’s close friends and family. The famous actor was happy to have finally tied the knot with his longtime partner.

Not one to hide her pride, Eudoxie took to her Instagram to give her fans a view of her dream wedding in a series of pictures she shared. Her lovely snaps showed the day was nothing short of perfect. She captioned one of the posts, “It was a great way to start the new year.”

Ludacris, in addition to his love for cars and a sense of style, is also a lover. His sweet way of proposing is the best proof that he loves his bride. Ludacris took an unsuspecting Eudoxie on a private jet, and while up there, the message of his proposal was displayed below them, leaving her speechless and in awe.

To the delight of their followers, the couple shared the beautiful moment on Instagram. Ludacris was thrilled to share a photo from the moment where “She didn’t say yes. She said HELL YES!”

The couple has since gone on to start a family and recently welcomed their second child together and Ludacris’ fourth. He is also the father to Cadence, Cadence’s 6-year-old daughter, with Eudoxie. Also, he has Cai, 7, and Karma (20, from other relationships).

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