Fans fear BLACKPINK is disbanding in 2023 as the band’s Born Pink tour comes to an end

Fans fear BLACKPINK is disbanding in 2023 as the band's Born Pink tour comes to an end

The status of BLACKPINK has fans worried as many seem convinced that the band could be disbanding in 2023 even though no official statement has been made so far.

BLACKPINK has been winning hearts ever since they made their debut in 2016. Since then, the artists have managed to break several records while also growing their careers. However, fears about the band’s status grew in 2023 as their contract was close to ending with YG Entertainment. Now, some social media users are worried that the band might be disbanding as their Born Pink tour ends on September 17.

Why fans think BLACKPINK is disbanding in 2023

BLACKPINK’s Born Pink tour saw its last concert in Seoul on September 17. Many fans thought it would be the last concert of the members together as they seemed to believe the performance gave subtle hints that stated the end was near.

For instance, Jennie‘s performance of Solo without any background dancers or all the members getting emotional. Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé were seen getting teary as they performed their music.

Fans thought it was unusual for them as they have done a number of performances before. Seeing the members getting emotional, fans seemed convinced that BLACKPINK was disbanding in 2023. As of now, no official announcement has been made.

There have been reports about issues with Lisa’s contract

Fans would be aware that all the members of the band have been performing well individually. For instance, Jennie was recently seen in HBO‘s The Idol, Jisoo has been acting, and Lisa and Rosé are busy being ambassadors for big fashion brands.

Amid this, there were rumors that YG Entertainment was having a hard time signing a deal with Lisa as the singer was getting better contracts from other agencies. This led many to believe that Lisa could be leaving the band.

However, YG Entertainment was quick to issue a statement and noted that these were rumors and no final decision had been made.

Fans react to rumor about the band’s status

Fans were quick to react to the band’s status as many worried they may not renew their contract. One fan wrote: “If Blackpink disbands then I’m disbanding myself.” Another added: “If Blackpink really disbanding I’m just gonna die, bro.”

“Tbh, I personally think that the worst that can happen to Blackpink is YG putting them on an indefinite hiatus and not disbanding them but also never giving them another comeback, until they lose their momentum, like sm did with f(x), and the girls don’t deserve that,” read one more comment.

“All of this seems like they’ll disband,” said one more. “Red velvet and now Blackpink??? I’m losing it,” said another.

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