Meet Surviving Summer’s Baxter – Age, Instagram and previous roles of Josh Macqueen

Meet Surviving Summer’s Baxter – Age, Instagram and previous roles of Josh Macqueen

Josh Macqueen is a new arrival to Surviving Summer’s cast in season 2 but what do we know about the Baxter actor – from his age and Instagram to his previous roles?

Season 2 of Surviving Summer, the Australian television series, has arrived on Netflix. It brings with it new cast members, including Josh Macqueen, who plays Baxter Radic.

Surviving Summer 2 – Meet Baxter Radic

Baxter Radic has joined his sisters Wren, Elo and Wren Radic in Shorehaven for the second season of Surviving summer. They moved to Queensland from Queensland.

Wren and Summer are fierce competitors, but Baxter, who’s also a surfer with a lot of experience, is much less competitive.

He quickly catches Summer’s eye at the surfing team try-outs in episode 1 and as her main love interest Ari has a new girlfriend in season 2, this leads to some unexpected romantic tension between herself and this pink-haired new arrival.

What is Josh Macqueen all about?

Josh Macqueen, an Australian actor, will be playing Baxter during the second season of Surviving Summer.

Reports claim that he was born in Sydney Australia May 22, 2001Josh Macqueen will be 22 in September 2023, the date of Surviving Summer Season 2.

Josh, despite his major role in Surviving Summer is a relatively new actor. His on-screen debut was only in 2022.

Josh has a large following on Instagram. In fact, he is one of the most active actors today. As of the date of this article, Josh has an estimated 17,500 Facebook fans. We expect that number to rise after the release of Surviving Summer.

Josh Macqueen’s previous roles

As mentioned, Josh Macqueen’s first acting credit only came in 2022 and incredibly, Surviving Summer is only his third role.

Significant Others was his debut Australian mini-series.

Annabel Wolfe, a fellow Surviving Summer star, appeared with him in Black Snow.

Surviving Summer: Season Two is available now! Streaming is available After the splash on Netflix, Friday September 15th 2023.

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