Even pilots agree with the flight attendant’s two items she takes to her hotel room.

Even pilots have approved of the items that a flight attendant always brings from her hotel.

Kashlee Kumar, travel expert Kashlee revealed an amazing hack which will make you feel right at home during a long plane ride.

Flight attendant Kashlee revealed two items you should always take from your hotel


The Flight Attendant Kashlee has revealed the two things you should never leave your hotel without.Credit: tiktok
They will make your travel journey more comfortable


Your travel experience will be more comfortableCredit: tiktok

She explained it in a TikTok clip What to do for a comfortable trip Take only 2 essentials from the hotel.

She told him: “I’m a travel expert and I know how to pack.” “Here are the two items I take with me from my hotel to help make long trips and packing easier.”

Flight attendants are the most experienced flight attendants in the industry.

Holidays are coming up The pro advised to take your slippers as the majority of airlines will not provide them.

The hotel expects you to steal their cheap, white flip-flops that are in a plastic package and sit inside of the wardrobe. They never use them again.

Everything that comes complimentary at hotels can be yours for the taking – and this includes Miniaturized versions of the above are available. Bottles of toiletries, bathroom products, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and other items.

Kaashley encouraged passengers to wear them in the plane bathroom instead of wearing stockings – as the floors are usually quite dirty.

“Most airlines provide socks on long flights.” She continued.

They are so thin, you won’t even want to take them into the bathroom.

They can be worn by passengers to make their flights as comfortable as they possibly can.

They are particularly useful on the flight corridors, so you don’t end up walking around the plane cabin in your socks.

If you bring slippers, you can walk confidently around the plane in them.

You may be surprised to learn that many airlines offer no slippers, even for the economy classes. Businesses can benefit by utilizing the services of a professional business. “Only in the first class,” she replied.

She also suggested packing a shower cap that you can wrap around your shoe.

These plastic covers are an excellent way to keep dirty soles from getting on clean clothes.

She said: “These are a great way to prevent your dirty shoes touching your other clothes, especially when changing quickly at an airport.

They cover the dirtiest parts of your shoe with ease.

Other people have explained that this does not stop them from getting dirty. However, the shower cap keeps them moving.

If you can’t find one in your hotel as part of your toiletries, you can always buy one and it won’t break the bank as it can cost as little as a £1 at most shops.

One pilot has approved the clever hack. The video is viewed by thousands.

Natalie commented: “I am a pilot, and I think these hacks are brilliant. Especially the shoes.”

This comes after another flight attendant shared the one item that she travels never without. It costs less than $4.

Sophie, an ex-member of the Emirates cabin crew, explains why she brings eye drops along on all long haul flights.

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Travel experts have also revealed their five best tips for beating jet lag when on holiday.

Cici In The SkyPosting aYou can also watch the video below.Her 163,000 Instagram fans, sharing her cabin crew’s tested and proven ways to fight fatigue when you step off the runway.

She also recommends to cover your shoes in a plastic cap to protect your clean clothes


To protect clean clothing, she also suggests covering your shoes with a cap made of plastic.Credit: tiktok

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