Cuban rapper crowned 2021 Red Bull Batalla U.S champion


19-year-old Cuban MC based in Orlando, Reverse wins the USA National Final of Red Bull Batalla, the world’s largest Spanish-language freestyle rap battle.

Reverse defeated the two-time defending champion, Yartzi, and the 14 other competitors representing the best of Spanish-language rap across America.

Group Portrait for Red Bull Batalla National Finals in Los Angeles, CA©Aldo Chacon / Red Bull Content Pool

“The impact of this moment [winning the 2021 Red Bull Batalla USA National Final] is overwhelming,” said Reverse following his win. “After having competed in both Latin America and the U.S., I was able to learn about the challenges of a Batalla, and how to compete more strategically against my opponents. Everyone’s energy from the crowd and competitors will stay with me forever. I am so, so happy.”

The young MC stated that visibility is his top priority. “I feel that there is a lack of visibility, and that’s why people think there are no Spanish language rappers in the United States,” He said. “We have the largest Hispanic population because this is a country of immigrants, so I want people to pay attention and notice us.”

Reverse defeated the two-time defending champion, Yartzi, and the 14 other competitors©Aldo Chacon / Red Bull Content Pool
Reverse defeated the two-time defending champion, Yartzi, and the 14 other competitors

In an interview with HOLA! USA, Reverse revealed what’s next in his career after using his quick-wit and effortless flow to take home the Red Bull Batalla medal. “I’m a musician before being a freestyler, and my life goal, no matter what, is to make a living out of music, create visibility for this country’s freestyle and my music,” He said. “What’s next for me is competing on the international battle and do my best to represent the United States.”

Following the 2021 National Final, Reverse and the respective champions from over ten countries, including Mexico, Spain, and Colombia, will square off for the Red Bull Batalla World Final – where only one contestant will become the 2021 Red Bull Batalla World Champion.

Like many Hispanic kids, the rising Cuban star faced pushed back from his parents, who weren’t thrilled of him competing in Spanish-language rap battlers. “That is a delicate subject for me,” Reverse revealed to HOLA! USA. “My parents like music, but when it comes to battling and freestyling, they didn’t like it so much. They used to tell me that I was wasting time. Now, after my winning, I’m going to change their minds and show them that this is serious and that everything is possible if you work hard.”


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