Coronation Street fans baffled by Gail hair ‘blunder’ as she returns to soap

Earlier this year Coronation Street fans said goodbye to Gail Platt, played by Helen Worth, as she headed for some much needed time away and had a brief move to Thailand.

It was unclear when the soap favourite would be coming back after Gail suffered a heart attack and decided she wanted some R&R overseas.

She returned home after Norris Cole’s passing, despite being so far away.

As viewers were delighted to see her back, even though it was in such tragic circumstances, they noticed something different.

The towel placed on Gail's head left fans baffled
The towel placed on Gail’s head left fans baffled

Gail and Audrey were reminiscing about Norris as they looked through pictures of him after Gail returned downstairs after placing a towel on her head.

Her hair was very dry when she came down the stairs wearing a white shirt and purple jumper.

Gail presented the look to her fans. Twitter users were puzzled by her choice of hairstyle.

Taking to Twitter, one user wrote: “Why’s Gail got a towel on dry hair?”

Viewers were happy to see Gail and Audrey back together
Viewers were happy to see Gail and Audrey back together

Another said: “Why has Gail got a towel round her head when her hair is bone dry?”

A third wrote: “What we need to know is why Gail has a towel on with dry hair?”

It came as Audrey pulled out her scissors to give her daughter a haircut while they reminisced and reunited after months apart.

Audrey shared a memory with her daughter as she said: “Looking through those photos has really took me back. It makes me want to wonder down to The Rovers, go into the bar and see Betty doing a word search with a face on, buy a round of drinks for you, Blanch, Deirdre and Emily.”

Gail returned after a stint in Thailand
Gail returned after a stint in Thailand

Gail then recalled that it was sad to be back for such an upsetting reason, but she was happy to be reunited with her mum once again.

The funeral of Norris will be broadcast on Friday night. It seems that he will also drop one last gossip bomb while his friends celebrate his life.

The Cobbles will be shocked to learn that Rita was secretly having her hair colored by Claudia. Audrey is left fuming at her betrayal.

It will be difficult to tell if it ends in tears, or if the friends can work it out.

Coronation Street will continue tonight at 7:30 and 8:30 on ITV.

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