Clarence is a character in the Bible. Clarence and the Book of Clarence

Clarence is a character in the Bible. Clarence and the Book of Clarence

HITC will explain who Clarence, the main character in The Book Of Clarence is. We’ll also discuss whether or not they appeared in the Bible like other characters from the movie.

The film is billed as a biblical American epic. Director Jeymes Samuel, (The Harder They Fall), has assembled an all-star ensemble that includes James McAvoy and Benedict Cumberbatch. Omar Sy plays the role of Clarence. Clarence lives in Jerusalem in 29AD, where he begins to develop grandiose ideas about becoming a messiah in the tradition of Jesus Christ. After seeing the trailer, audiences are wondering who Clarence is in the Bible, if he was in it at all…

Clarence is a character in the Bible.

Although The Book Of Clarence features notable figures from the Bible and is set during a real time period, the character of Clarence was devised for the movie by Jeymes (who wrote the film) and wasn’t a figure in the religious texts.

Clarence tries to capitalise on the impact and influence of Jesus in the film. Characters from the Bible such as Mary Magdalene and the disciples are featured.

The film follows Clarence’s attempts to become one of the apostles, and the narrative is a work of fiction that takes influence from biblical epics of the screen such as The Ten Commandments.

Again, the central story of The Book Of Clarence can’t be found in any Bible.

‘A Bible story about an everyman’

Jeymes recently Discussed Clarence, the character of Clarence in the upcoming Vanity Fair project.

“I wanted to tell a Bible story about an everyman. I always wanted to explore the Bible stories, but from the angle of the person that sells Jesus his sandals, the woman or man that owns the hair salon… Clarence is a person that doesn’t believe in anything outside of what’s in front of him, what he can see and hear.”

He continued: “Clarence has a lot of inside belief—he has a lot of inside confidence. The man believes he is able to fly. This man reminds me of myself growing up. But unlike me, though, he does not have an external faith. I think it’s just a really interesting vantage point to explore living in that particular time and place, where most everyone around him is speaking about the Messiah.”

Book of Clarence Release Date

The Book Of Clarence will be in theaters on January 12, 2024.

It’s being released by Sony Pictures Releasing and will be exclusively in theaters, not on streaming platforms.

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