Britain Biggest Family New Revamped Home Tour of With The Mother Of 22 Children!

Sue and Noel Radford – who have 22 children – have been slowly renovating their 10-bedroom house and gave fans a glimpse of the changes

Britain’s biggest family have returned to their YouTube channel to give fans a tour of their 10-bedroom home.

Sue Radford (46), a mum-of-22, shared a video of their home and the items they have added to it on their YouTube channel.

They have renovated many parts of their home since their last house tour, which was three years ago.

The mother of 11 children, 11 boys, and 11 daughters entered the home to show the fans the cloakroom. It was full to the brim.

Next to the living room was the dining room, which featured a large dining table with many chairs. A cupboard was also found in the area, which contained random items such as socks and water bottles.

“We wanted something with loads of storage because you can never have too much storage can you?” she laughed.

The open-plan room also lead to the kitchen, which Sue said was the “biggest change in the house”.

The island’s storage was even greater and it was surrounded by bar stools. Bright white cabinets were installed on the walls to give it a modern feel.

Sue said the kitchen was her favorite part of the house
The dining table had enough chairs for most of the kids

To cater to the large family, their kitchen included two large ovens and giant fridges and freezers.

She told viewers: “This room is probably my favorite room in the house. This is the room where everyone comes and sits and just talks.”

Sue then showed off the next room – the living room – that had blue wallpaper around the fireplace, the same wall that houses the flat-screen TV.

The white cupboard to the left of the room was once used as a dumbwaiter, but it has been removed.

Leading fans up the grey-paneled staircase, Sue showcased the first four bedrooms of the house which all have bunk beds.

Some of their younger daughters chose a pink theme in the first bedroom.

Amy kept a moss ball in a container near her small television.

Bluebell, their family dog, helped Sue navigate the large home.

The cozy living room
Pink-themed bedroom for some of her daughters

Sue moved on to the bedroom of her sons, James and Luke. She pointed out their modern light fixtures and their computers used for gaming and work.

Luke had his own snack stash by his three computer screens.

James and Luke had their own gaming setup

Sue then moved on to the recently done third floor which had three bedrooms filled with the children’s toys and more bunk beds.

IKEA bought the white cupboard and it was full of adorable clothes for the kids.

The wallpaper was covered with a large rocket and stars and was the perfect space theme for Oscar, Casper, and Sons Archie.

Sue and Noel’s bedroom had a cool TV setup

And finally, Sue gave fans a glimpse of her and husband Noel’s cozy bedroom that came complete with a vanity table, IKEA wardrobes, and a large bed.

The flat-screen TV they had was able to automatically come out of a unit that is attached to the bed.

Their bathroom was the ultimate relaxing space, with Sue calling it her “little haven of peace”.

The basement was the last area. It contained the laundry room, another bath, and three additional bedrooms.

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