Bride slammed for feeding her wedding guests ONE chicken goujon for dinner… but there was a free bar

A BRIDE-TO-BE planned on offering just one chicken goujon as the wedding meal to her guests as she believes this is acceptable.

Ordering 200 goujons for her 200 guests, the food is actually one of the only things the bride was covering after her new mother-in-law already paid £10k towards the celebrations.

A bride offers on goujon per guest at her wedding.


A bride offers on goujon per guest at her wedding.Credit: Getty

Asking the grooms mother to pick up the food, one Reddit user tells how the woman believed that one-goujon-per-person would be sufficient.

The MIL had already paid up to £10k for the church venue,reception venue and the hen party that she wasn’t invited to – although the bride’s mum was there.

The groom’s mom discovered the menu and began calling catering companies to find out if they could arrange a decent meal.

According to one catering company, the bride told her new MIL she would like to order anything before the wedding and that she will not be grateful for it.

A surprise was also the fact that the bride was able to serve her guests a full-sized bar, even though she had planned to barely feed them.

Reddit user artsygirl posted under the domain “artsygirl”. She claimed that her mother informed her of all the wedding drama.

“I’m not personally involved with this wedding nightmare, but I’ve heard all the gory details from the groom’s mother.”

The food was eventually sorted, but not thanks to the bride. However, there was more drama when the groom’s father suffered a seizure, and had to be removed by paramedics.

However, the bride didn’t halt her big day and was annoyed at those who were concerned.

“The bride decided the ceremony must go on. And go on it did. Bride kept getting pissy because people were trying to update the groom about his father’s condition” Reddit user.

Adding: “Now they’re in Florida. MOG called to check in and asked if the medical emergency ruined the wedding.According to the bride, the wedding was fabulous. Eternal face palm.”

The post has a range of comments from users who are shocked at the brides’s behaviour.

One person commented: “These cost for their wedding belongs to the bride and groom. The MOG is being taken advantage of, and she needs to confront her son and soon to be daughter in law.”

“It always baffles me that spoiled jerks like this manage to find someone willing to marry them. Like I cannot fathom treating my super sweet MIL this was” said another.

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Plus I’ve been blacklisted by ALL my fiancé’s family because of my wedding dress – I don’t know if I’m in the wrong.

And I don’t care if people think it’s petty we FINED pals £174 for not showing up at our wedding – it’s plain disrespectful.

Although stingy with the food, the bride offered a free bar to 200 guests.


Although stingy with the food, the bride offered a free bar to 200 guests.Credit: Getty
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