Is Erika Jayne Furious With Kyle Richards?

The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsStar Erika Jayne is unhappy with Kyle Richards. She is planning to confront her friend at the Season 11 Reunion. She doesn’t like how “two-faced” Kyle has been talking about her embezzlement case. Fans are aware that Erika Jayne, along with her husband Thomas Girardi was accused of stealing funds from victims involved in an air crash.

They used the money to pay for their lavish lifestyle. Erika’s new life is a massive downgrade, however, she’s not afraid to show off her glam. She still wears diamonds, and she spends money on designer duds whenever she can. Critics continue to criticize Erika’s behaviour in the case.

Is Erika Jayne Furious With Kyle Richards?

She hoped that her co-stars would’ve had her back, but she’s unsure of who to trust these days.

Erika Jayne believes Kyle Richards is a good choice. “two-faced”

According to a recent report Erika Jayne has been identified as unhappy With her RHOBHco-star. She is prepared to face Kyle Richards at the Season 11 reunion. She is getting ready to attend the big event. Erika will be accompanied by her glam crew, who have been her true friend throughout the whole mess. Erika is only now learning the details of her allegations about her involvement with her husband.

Sutton Stracke has been the most vocal about the matter. If she continues to be with her co-star, it could spell doom for her reputation. Viewers also saw Kyle asking Erika if she is telling the truth. “truth.” While she didn’t make this clear to Erika, she did question her during Sutton’s planned meeting. She’s also shared her doubts during her interviews.

A source says Erika is unhappy with most of her castmates because they talk about Erika behind her back. But it’s Kyle that she’s “furious” She is the best. She feels she has become. “two-faced” She cannot confide in herself again. Erika has been in touch with Kyle, but she lost hope. She will talk about it at the reunion.

Is Erika Jayne Furious With Kyle Richards?

She’s no longer friends with Sutton Stracke

Erika Jayne has been in a Twitter frenzy. She spoke out in defence of her conduct on the show and thanked her followers for being there for her. The Pretty Mess star also made it clear that she won’t “quit” The show, regardless of what others think. One fan took to Erika’s tweet to praise Sutton’s courage, but she clapped back by sharing their relationship status.

“Sutton is the only strong enough to say what others said behind closed doors,” The fan wrote. “It’s not about you ‘fighting for yourself,’ it’s about you genuinely responding to friends’ questions and concerns.”

“We’re not ‘friends’ in case you haven’t noticed,” Erika wrote.

According to the report, Erika will confront Dorit at the reunion. However, she isn’t as angry with her as she was with Kyle and Sutton.

“She has a bone to pick with Dorit too but her focus will be defending herself and calling out Kyle,” Source added

Is Erika Jayne Furious With Kyle Richards?

Erika was “prepping for weeks” For the upcoming reunion. It’s likely that she will have to answer even more questions about the case, including the $25 million lawsuits. To answer these questions, she will need to work closely with her lawyers. They’re advising her on what to say and not to say.

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