Billions of Facebook users warned over ‘urgent’ email that steals your money – check inbox now

AN OFFICIAL Facebook warning reveals how a dangerous email can steal your money – and how to avoid it.

Facebook users make a great target for thieves.

Facebook has warned users over dangerous emails that you must ignore


Facebook users warned about the dangers of dangerous email messages that you should ignoreCredit: Facebook

Cybercriminals target their victims in many different ways. You should always be alert.

There are many clever ways to keep yourself safe.

Facebook issued a warning in a memo: “Scammers try to fool people into providing money or personal information.”

Imagine emails offering a fast-and-easy scheme of investment or a message sent urgently by a person claiming to represent a friend who is in trouble.

Or a fake email from Meta claiming that you have an issue with your Meta account, and asks you to click the link immediately to find out more.

Please do not open any links, attachments or emails that claim to be sent by Facebook.

There’s a simple way to be safe.

Facebook offers a unique app that displays all recent emails sent to you.

This will allow you to cross-check your official Facebook list against the email address in your mailbox.

Then you can remove any illegal messages.

Just go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Security and Login, then scroll down to See Recent Emails From Facebook – and then click View.

Facebook has also suggested that you follow three “simple Rules”.

Facebook stated: “Slow down. Scammers try to make you feel rushed or threaten that your account will be deleted or some other negative action may occur.”

Take the time to think and ask questions.

Facebook’s second hint reads as follows: “Spot Check: Scammers will often bring up a particular problem in order to get you to take action.

Do your research before you click on links or download files. Is what you’re being told logical?

The third tip is: “Never send anything: Scammers will often claim to represent a well-known organisation.

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They may try to persuade you by using a photo of an employee that they have stolen from the Internet.

The organisation is not reputable if it demands payment in cash.

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