Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods Battle It Out to Win Kids Over With Their Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets


Is this the future of kids’ meals? The companies that made plant-based burgers cool are now venturing into chicken nuggets. 

“Chicken is one of the most consumed categories of meats in the US, especially among children,” Dennis Woodside, president of Impossible Foods, stated.

“We’re launching a product that is delicious, more nutritious for you, lower saturated fat, fewer calories, and has far less impact on the environment.”

Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are battling it out once again. The brands have developed their own proprietary recipes for nuggets and tenders that will hopefully be a big hit with the pickiest eaters out there — kids.

“One of the things we’re really excited about in this product is that we’re using fava beans as the core protein source,” Ethan Brown, the president of Beyond Meat, adds.

“And what is exciting about that is that we’re trying to introduce the consumer to a diverse bench of proteins that we can pull from.”

Their chicken-alternative products are already available in grocery stores and popular fast-food chains, but they won’t just be competing with each other. They’ll still be sold alongside classic chicken finger foods that many people were raised on and now feed their children. 

But these companies were successfully able to convert many burger-loving adults to choose plant-based options. Kids might be next.


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