Avram Glazer Gets Shunned By Manchester United Fans Over Ronaldo Debacle

Manchester United fans vented their frustration online at the “bloodsucking leach” Avram Glazer is visiting Old Trafford to make Cristiano Ronaldo’s second appearance for the first time in over two years. Today’s footballing news has focused on Manchester and Ronaldo, who were included in the starting XI of United’s match against Newcastle.

Only those present at Theatre of Dreams will be able to see the five-time Ballon d’Or Winner’s return to Red Devils. Avie Glazer, co-chairman of the club along with Joel and part-owner with his siblings, is one of those who attended the occasion.

Avram Glazer Gets Shunned By Manchester United Fans Over Ronaldo Debacle

Red Devils fanbase has shown hostility towards Glazer families. His appearance has also sparked backlash online. United Peoples TV is a fan page with over 30k followers. “Of course he is, the bloodsucking leach wouldn’t miss this occasion.” Another United fan commented: “Hell has officially frozen over.”

“We all know who Ronaldo is aiming for with his free-kicks then,” one said. For well over a decade, the Glazers have been a controversial figure in Manchester’s red side. They were also the subject of protests earlier this year following the collapse of the European Super League.

Liverpool’s home match with United was delayed in May after supporters stormed the pitch hours before kickoff to protest against the Glazer sentiment. Rob Harris of the Associated Press says that even though it was four months ago, it is now a distant memory.

He tweeted: “Evidence at Old Trafford that United fans have given up on their protests against the Glazers – silent after a summer of spending on Ronaldo’s return.”

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