American Teacher in Ukraine: Russians Think He’s a Spy Based on James Bond Legend

Tyler Jacob, a 28-year-old American teacher, was detained by the Russians in Ukraine and held for 10 days. He returned home to the U.S. after fleeing Kherson, where his Ukrainian wife lives.

At the border crossing, he was just about to leave Ukraine in a bus full of other refugees when he was suddenly stopped.

“They all thought I was a spy and wanted to do lie detector tests and stuff on me, because there’s a Russian legend that 007, or James Bond, his cover story was an English teacher,”Jacob shared Inside Edition.

The Russians interrogated him for hours each day until they realized he wasn’t a spy. Video captured the heartwarming reunion between him and his mother in Minnesota.

“I got here and just knocked on the door, and she didn’t expect me to be there. And she opens the door and goes ‘What the,’”Reed said.

He claims that the first thing he did when he arrived in America was to buy a coke.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden met Trevor Reed’s parents, a 29 year-old Russian prisoner who had been held for many years in Russia. The Associated Press reported.

After Joey Reed and Paula traveled to Washington to meet with President Obama in person, the meeting took place.

“We’re not going to stop fighting for him. We’re fighting for his life, basically. We’re desperate,”Paula spoke out of the White House earlier Wednesday.

Reed has tuberculosis as well as a fractured vertebra. He is currently in 9-years prison for assault. However, officials claim that the charges against him are unfounded.

“They’re not doing any medical treatment whatsoever, so we’re really concerned about his health,” Paula said.

Biden saw the Reeds holding signs three weeks ago as his motorcade passed Fort Worth, Texas. Biden reached out to them by phone, promising to meet at a later time.

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