Amazon Fire Stick owners warned over common household objects you must never put them near – it’s too dangerous

The owners of AMAZON Fire Sticks have been urged not to risk a fire by failing to comply with important safety precautions.

Launched in November of 2014, the Amazon Fire Stick is a media streaming device that converts your TV into a smart one.

Amazon Fire Stick owners have been urged to follow important safety instructions


Amazon Fire Stick users are urged to adhere to important safety guidelinesCredit: Alamy

And the gadget is wildly popular – in fact, more than 200million devices have been sold to date, per Amazon.

If you do not properly maintain the device, it may stop working or cause a fire.


Amazon warns users not to use the Fire TV Stick 4K Max and Alexa Voice remote near sinks, or any other moist areas.

Amazon advised: “Make sure you don’t spill anything on your gadgets. Also, avoid using any liquid-filled objects, like vase or a bottle, to place on them or close by.

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If your Fire TV Stick gets wet, unplug the cables carefully without getting wet.

The device must be completely dry before it can be plugged in.

Amazon said that if your Alexa Voice Remote gets wet you should remove the batteries using rubber gloves and let the remote dry before replacing the batteries.

It is also important that users do not try to dry devices using a heating source such as the microwave or hairdryer.

You should also avoid damaging your gadgets by dropping them, disassembling, bending or bending the device, painting it, or crushing it.

What else?

Amazon advises that your devices should only be handled with clean hands. You can clean your device with a dampened soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol if it gets dirty.

Amazon advised: “Be cautious not to clean it with any harsh chemicals or abrasives.”

Do not expose your device to high temperatures or extreme cold.

Amazon explained: “For instance, don’t install your device close to any heat sources like space heaters or heater vents. Also, avoid installing it near stoves and other heat-producing devices.”

Tech giant adds: “Store electronics in dust-free, cool areas away from direct sun.”

Because Fire TV Sticks don’t have an “on/off” button, you will need to unplug your power supply if you want the power flowing out of the device.

You should only ever use the original power adapter for your device.

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Amazon warned: “Do not push the adapter into an outlet.” If the cable or power adapter appears to be damaged, stop using it immediately.

Do not plug in multiple electrical devices at the same time. It can overheat, and cause a fire.

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