After all the brouhaha surrounding earrings Erika Jayne didn’t want to give back, there’s been an auction twist

After all the brouhaha surrounding earrings Erika Jayne didn't want to give back, there's been an auction twist

Erika Jayne continues to face legal troubles amid all the turmoil. Ex-husband Tom Girardi was involved in an embezzlement case worth $500 millionThe focus seems to be on a pair of expensive earrings that a former attorney gave her. These $750,000 earrings were reportedly gifted to her by an ex-lawyer. Later valued at $1.4millionThese were some of the most popular items. To help pay for the purchase of these properties, they are being auctioned.Some of the debts that the couple owe. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star fought hard to keep the jewelry, ultimately losing that battle in court, and now there’s another twist regarding the earrings, as they are set to be sold to the highest bidder.

Erika Jayne maintained her belief that the September election was a success. Earrings were not available for auction, as she continued to appeal the judge’s ruling in an effort to keep them. However, TMZ reports that not only are the earrings on the auction block, they’re actually valued at a price far below what Tom Girardi reportedly paid for them. Rather than the $750,000 that was supposedly spent on the earrings, they’ve been valued at between $250,000 and $350,000.

While that is just the starting range for the earrings — and auctioned items are typically valued at less than retail price — it’s still a huge decrease from what was originally paid for the jewelry. 

Erika Jayne continues to fight for the earrings. They were allegedly purchased by Tom Girardi with stolen money at $750,000. She has maintained her innocence regarding knowledge of Girardi’s illegal actions, and in June said she would not hand over the expensive gift unless ordered to do so by a judge. 

Later that month, a judge did just that, saying that while he believed Erika Jayne didn’t know that Tom Girardi had purchased the earrings using money meant for the victims of a diabetes drug settlement, she was “still in possession of stolen property,”And was Ordered to forfeit diamonds.

John Moran Auctioneers will auction the earrings on December 7, following the sale of several other items that were previously in the couple’s possession. Among the belongings that apparently were sold September 21 were an estimated $60,000-worth Steinway piano, some rare paintings and their library collection of first editions (such as a first edition of Niccolò Machiavelli’s The Prince). It is believed that some lingerie was also sold. Erika Jayne didn’t recognize.

So-called “semi-automatic” “friend” of Tom Girardi’s also relinquished gifts she’d receivedFrom the disgraced former lawyer, which included a Tiffany-diamond necklace and a Bulgari-adorned necklace with pearls or diamonds. 

It will be interesting for us to see if the auction proceeds as planned on December 7th, or if ErikaJayne can prolong the process by appealing. If the earrings are sold, it looks like it’s possible somebody might get a real discount on a very famous piece of jewelry.

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