Ukraine news LATEST UN condemns attacks on Europe’s largest nuclear plant as ‘playing with flame’, after Putin denies that he was shelling

A funeral was held in memory of the man who was killed by the missile blast from Poland

Yesterday, a funeral was held for one of two victims of the missile that hit a village in Poland near Ukraine earlier this month. This incident is widely believed to be an accident.

NATO and Warsaw both claimed that the explosion was probably caused by an air defense missile from Ukraine launched to intercept a Russian barrage. However, Moscow was ultimately responsible for the conflict.

Two workers from a local grain drying plant were killed in Tuesday’s blast. The explosion occurred in Przewodow (a village located six kilometres (4 miles) from the Ukrainian border).

Boguslaw, 62, was buried in the village cemetery. The funeral was attended by relatives and friends, village residents and troops, as well as Ukrainian and Polish officials.

“This man would not have become a victim were it not for this cruel war,”Lech Sprawka, the provincial governor, addressed the funeral.

“This victim serves as a call for peace to the entire world,”He also said that, as quoted by PAP (Polish news agency)

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