A woman is left crying after she was denied a flight because of a simple passport mistake

One British holidaymaker told of her tears after an “absolutely terrible” passport error prevented her from flying.

Brits who have passports that were issued 10 or more years ago are not allowed to enter the EU after Brexit.

Passengers who need a new passport have been urged to renew it soon


The Department of Homeland Security has urged passengers who require a passport to renew theirs as soon as possibleCredit: Alamy

Rosi Simpson was unaware of this rule and, as a consequence, she couldn’t board her flight from Brighton to Paris in order to visit her son.

She claimed she was unaware of the rules and assumed she would be able to travel as her passport wasn’t due to expire until eight months later.

She called on the public to receive more information about this new rule.

She revealed The Guardian: “I had no idea of the 10-year rule. I’d checked the expiry date, and my passport had eight months remaining. It was an absolutely horrible experience at the gate.

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“I lost the cost of the flight and the accommodation I’d booked – I’d been so looking forward to seeing my son.

“What I don’t understand is why this hasn’t had more publicity – an information campaign. I wasn’t the only one who this had happened to at the airport that day.”

Prior to the change in rules, Brits were able to enter or exit Europe as long as their passport was valid, no matter how old it was, when it was first issued, etc.

The rules for passport validity have changed since the Brexit. UK citizens need to pay more attention to how many days are left in their passports.

The travel experts at ABTA have revealed their three top things passengers should look for before making a booking.

This included both passport expiry and issue dates. Ferries and flights to Europe required at least three month’s validity remaining after the passenger’s departure date.

They said: “Most places in Europe will require you to have a least three months left on your passport on the date of departure from your destination – check the Foreign Office advice for the passport rules for your destination.”

They also warned of the 10-year rule, saying “Your passport cannot be more than 10 years old when entering the country – so check when your passport was issued and when it is due to expire.”

People were also encouraged to get new passports in as soon as possible. This advice is as common as ever, with strikes at passport offices affecting the renewal process.

Nearly 1,800 staff members at the Passport Office have staged walkouts that started last month.

Brits needing a new passport have been advised to give themselves 10 weeks to get it sorted, but some applicants have said it has taken even longer than that.

Due to circumstances, it is advised that holidaymakers allow at least double this amount of time to be on the safe side.

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Here is the exact date you need to order a new passport for it to arrive in time for the summer holidays, when factoring in the 10 week waiting time.

And we’ve explained what to do if your passport doesn’t arrive in time for your holiday.

Rosi Simpson was left in tears after she didn't know about the ten year rule


Rosi Simpson was in tears because she did not know the 10 year ruleCredit: Alamy

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