A study has found 8 tips to help people live 24 extra years.

According to new research, it’s never too early to get older.

Adding eight Tryout Your life expectancy can be extended by several decades through your lifestyle.

The study found that even those who start at age 60 can add 18 more years to their life span.

This study was first presented on Monday,Nutrition 2023,The annual meeting of the American Society for Nutrition, held in Boston. This research examined the lifestyles of nearly 720,000 veterans aged between 40 and 99.

“There’s a 20-year period in which you can make these changes, whether you do it gradually or all at once,“ said lead study author Xuan-Mai Nguyen, a health science specialist for the Million Veteran Program at the VA Boston Healthcare System.

Exercise, eating healthy food, sleeping well, reducing stress, nurturing positive social relationships and avoiding addictions such as smoking, drinking, or opioids.

The study concluded that not abusing opioids is the second most important factor in living a long life. Data showed that the study reduced early mortality by 38%.

According to the study, regular exercise was most crucial for living longer. The study found that people who exercise regularly had a 46 percent lower risk of dying from any cause.

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