A Pitmaster’s Award-Winning Tips for Cooking over an Open Flame

Don’t be afraid of Google-ing your temperatures.

meat thermometer on a barbecue

You must ensure that your food is safe.

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Scott states that it is important to ensure meat is cooked to safe temperatures. Sometimes cooks might be tempted to say that they don’t need a thermometer in order to know when the food is done. Scott suggests that you check your ego in regards to food safety. 

“Don’t be embarrassed to not be a professional,”He stated. 

Scott mentioned that most thermometers have a label on their back that shows the safe temperatures for different proteins. This could help you save time searching the information online. 

However, he acknowledged that some people have an intuitive way to gauge the quality of meat. 

“If you’re a touchy-feely person, great, that means you’ve got it down pat,”He stated. “But still, temp it to make sure. [A thermometer is] a cheap purchase, and it’s well worth it. You can protect yourself and whomever your guest may be when you’re cooking for them in the backyard.”

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