A Christmas Story House Owner Scolds Actor from the Film

From the 1983 movie, this is the house “A Christmas Story” is up for sale and drawing lots of looky-loos, including an actor from the film, Yano Anaya, who drew some pretty serious ire from the home’s owner when he was caught taking photos with fans on the property.

In the following: Video obtained from TMZ that was shot on Nov. 15, Anaya, who played Grover in the film, can be seen taking photos with what appears to be fans of the film outside on the house’s porch steps. Suddenly, the owner — reportedly named Brian Jones — yells at Anaya, telling him to leave pronto.

“Get the f—k off my house, now! Get the f—k out of here. I’m not kidding,” Jones can be heard shouting in the video. Anaya seems confused so she begins to get down but Jones continues screaming. “Beat it! Get the f—k out. Leave now! Get away from my property — don’t ever come here again. Never ever again. Leave now, I’m serious,” Jones ordered Anaya as he approached her. Anaya was seen trying to make a deal with Jones as he walked away. Jones called Anaya anachronistic. “scammer.”

Jones, who was speaking to another person in another video clip, said, “Do you know what this guy’s doing? You have no idea what a scammer, and what a loser this guy is.” Anaya wanted Jones to explain why he was called this.

“Why don’t you talk to me about it so we can fix it?” Anaya asked Jones, but Jones walked away.

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According to TMZAnayo, some of his associates “A Christmas Story” Cast mates expressed interest in purchasing the house after it had been put up for purchase. Emmanuel Soba — Anayo’s business partner — says Jones’ blowup completely blindsided them as they had a positive phone conversation with Jones about potentially buying the home the day before the incident.

Jones apologized and said he was sorry “fans could be misled into contributing to a GoFundMe campaign that will not result in the purchase of the house.”

“I have no association with any GoFundMe campaign. I am not selling the house through Go Fund Me, so fans should not contribute to that fund under false pretenses, thinking their money is going toward buying the house,” Jones spoke to TMZ. “I am entertaining offers only from qualified buyers through my real estate broker.”

A GoFundMe was created by a volunteer member of Anaya’s group to raise money to buy the home, but that page is inactive.

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