Zooey and Jonathan Scott celebrate 4 years together with loving tributes

Zooey and Jonathan Scott celebrate 4 years together with loving tributes

Property Brothers and New Girl star, New Girl has never been happier.

Jonathan Scott has been with Zooey for over four years. Just yesterday, fans tried to make the connection and determine if Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott were a couple. Carpool Karaoke 2019

Zooey’s 500 days are over, it has been more than that but who is counting? Scott posted a reference to her film on his Instagram account on Friday. The Summer of 500 Days. Happy anniversary, baby!!! Happy Anniversary !!!”

Deschanel responded with a similar post in which she also praised the HGTV superstar. It’s been 4 years since I first met this dreamboat. Every day I grow to love him. I’m forever grateful!”

Scott’s reply sealed the deal, that this 4-year anniversary was a great thing. “You are the reason I am so happy. You make me happy every second. “I love you to the moon and back.” Scott concluded his comment using an enamoured emoji, and a kissy emoji. We live in marvelous times.

They would eventually confirm their relationship on Dancing With the Stars The date is September 2019. The couple was also seen at a restaurant, after months of flirting behind the scenes and texting. The announcement is sealed with a kiss on a live show of the dance competition series.

After four years, it’s good to see that they are still going strong. In June 2020 the couple bought a house together, making their relationship more public. They’re going turn a Los Angeles five-bedroom house into their “dream homes.” The Blast.

They live there along with Deschanel’s children Elsie, 7, and Charlie, 6, both of whom are from her previous marriage to Jacob Pechenik. This is the house we wanted, both aesthetically and practically. Jonathan is amazing in figuring out what we want. Deschanel spoke about the cover story of Property Brother’s Drew + Jonathan Reveal Magazine.

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