Zach Shallcross in Chaotic Bachelor Trailer

This trailer is for the forthcoming season of The Bachelor It all starts with Zach Shallcross in the shower—and somehow only gets more scandalous from there.

Zach was an on-screen contestant Rachel Recchia Gabby WindeySeason of BacheloretteIn the Nov. 22 teaser, we see, getting dressed, using iron, and then being bathed in the company of a good friend. This is before any women arrive.

They don’t hesitate to fall for Anaheim Hills tech executive, 26 years old, once they have done.

“Zach is the most genuine, emotionally intelligent, sweet soul,” One suitor said. “All of us want a guy like that.” A third person already talks about the possibility of offspring. “Zach is so serious about being a husband and a father.”

Zach and the ladies are seen in this trailer jumping off planes, doing scuba dives, taking scenic helicopter rides, and even getting married before huge fireworks shows.

It It is The Bachelor after all. 

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