Yerba Mate Recall issued

Some Mateína yerba mate drinks have been pulled from shelves over caffeine-related concerns.

Yerba-mate lovers beware! There has been a recent recall that should concern tea drinkers. The Canadian government has recalled two Mateína yerba mate beverages for not being properly labeled, putting drinkers at risk of ingesting too much caffeine.

“Per a” Public notice, the two Mateína drinks are the Organic Raspberry Yuzu Yerba Mate Sparkling Energy Infusion and Organic Mango Key Lime Yerba Mate Sparkling Energy Infusion. The 355 milliliter cans of both flavors tasted great.

Photo: Government of Canada

You can identify the Raspberry Yuzu (UPC 6 28504 15737 8) by using these codes:

  • BB 2025-02-09 BB 2025-02-09 BB 2025-02-09 BB 2025-02-09 BB 2045-02-09 BB 2025-02-09 BB 2045-02-09 BB 2025-02-09 BB 2035-02-09 BB 2025-02-09 BB 2065-02-09 BB 2025-02-09 BB 2025-02-09 BB 2055-02-09 BB 2025-02-09 BB 2085-02-09
  • BB 20250217 FY-10
  • BB 2025-05-03 BB 2025-05-03 BB 2025-05-03 BB 2025-05-03 BB 2025-05-03 FB-102
  • BB 20250526

You can identify the Mango Key lime flavor by its UPC: 6 28504 15738.

  • BB 2024 06 30 MK 100
  • BB 2024-7-01 MK-10
  • BB 202407-13 MK-10

The officials encourage the consumers to return the recalled yerba mat to their point of sale and not drink it or serve it. You should contact your healthcare provider if you believe that you became sick after drinking the product.

The notice states that “high levels of caffeine can have negative health effects on children, women who are pregnant, nursing mothers, and caffeine-sensitive individuals.” The health risks of exercising while taking caffeine are high. Caffeine can have a variety of side effects, including insomnia, irritability headaches and nervousness.

Recent years have seen a rise in the scrutiny of caffeinated drinks. Recently, G Fuel and Logan Paul’s Prime products as well as multiple Monster Energy drinks have been removed from the shelves. The Mateína yerba mate recall is the second food/beverage recall we’ve covered today at, following the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough recall.

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