YAY! Chicago Med is Coming to Netflix US this Month!

Chicago Med is a well-appreciated spin-off from NBC that revolves around procedural programs based in Chicago. The series is about to release on Netflix tomorrow; however, the original plan was quite different.

YAY! Chicago Med is Coming to Netflix US this Month!

The series has been running since 2015. In the heart of the bustling city, it follows a team of highly skilled medical professionals. So far, the series has around 119 episodes which span across six distinctive seasons. In addition to this, the seventh season of Chicago Med is all set to air sometime in September 2021.

Chicago Med ranges among the massive lineup of the shows based on Dick Wolf. By the looks of it, Dick Wolf is regarded as a productive producer in the entertainment business of the US.

Chicago Med Season 6: Release Date on Netflix

The streaming giant Netflix has unveiled when the sixth season of Chicago Med will release in its ecosystem. According to Netflix, the sixth season will be available for streaming today, i.e., the 22nd of July 2021. The availability of Chicago Med marks the first venture that the series is made available on Netflix.

The first five seasons of Chicago Med are available for fans of the show to stream on Peacock. The latest sixth season is also available on Hulu.

Chicago Med: Are other seasons heading to Netflix as well?

Netflix is yet to reveal if all the seasons of medical drama will be available in the ecosystem of a streaming giant or not. For now, only the sixth season is available for streaming on both Netflix and Hulu.

YAY! Chicago Med is Coming to Netflix US this Month!

There is a highly likely chance that Netflix might bring the first five seasons to its ecosystem in the foreseeable future.

Will this open the doors to Chicago PD and Chicago Fire to head to Netflix as well?

At the time of writing, it is unclear if Chicago PD and Chicago Fire would follow the footsteps of Med and head to Netflix to provide the seamless streaming option. With its subtle collaboration, the odds are finally looking better.

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