World’s Tallest Woman Takes 1st Flight From Istanbul to San Francisco

One world record holder now lives out her dream by travelling the world.

Guinness World Records has named Rumeysa Gelgi, Turkey, the tallest living woman.

Weaver Syndrome, which can cause rapid growth and may begin before birth, has given her a height of over seven feet.

She claims she has always wanted the opportunity to see other cultures. However, her scoliosis has kept her from being able to travel long distances.

Gegli relies on a wheelchair to get around, but she can only sit for two hours.

Turkish Airlines enabled her to fly her first flight in September.

To accommodate Gelgi, they installed a stretcher aboard one of their planes on the flight from Istanbul to San Francisco.

Gelgi said that she hopes that this will be the first of many flights she takes in the future.

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