Woman sends cops video of SUV driver swerving between lanes – but they both get prosecuted because SHE was in wrong too

After sending a video of an SUV swerving right in front of her, a woman was stunned and she was later prosecuted along with the driver.

A motorist was caught filming Philip Baxter (33) driving recklessly on Northampton’s A45. She was stunned to discover that she had also been in wrong.

The SUV was filmed swerving across the A45 in Northampton


Northampton’s A45 was captured as the SUV veered across it.Credit to SWNS
Philip Baxter, 33, was convicted of dangerous driving


Philip Baxter (33), was found guilty of dangerous drivingCredit to SWNS

Baxter from Kettering in Northamptonshire claimed that his gray Toyota Land Cruiser had veered across multiple lanes on the main road due to a mechanical problem.

The woman of 59 was operating in Lane 3. She flashed her lights at him and moved to lane 2.

Baxter’s vehicle suddenly careered over the carriageway forcing Baxter to go towards the central reservation barricade.

Northamptonshire Police posted a video clip from the terrifying incident on their website. However, she soon discovered that her lane hogging was causing problems.

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Baxter was identified by his number plate, and the arrest warrant for dangerous driving was denied.

Following a trial at the Northampton Magistrates’ Court, he was convicted.

He was slapped with a 12-month ban, ordered to do 100 hours of unpaid work and told to pay £545 in costs and a £95 victim surcharge.

The woman who recorded him was charged with driving in disregard of the law. She was found to have stayed on the right-side lane, even though the nearest lane was clear.

Cops confirm that the woman was served with a notice regarding her intended prosecution. She then chose to take a driver’s education course.

PC Mo Allsopp Clarke of Northamptonshire Police’s Safer Roads Team stated: “Baxter’s recklessness could easily have tragic consequences. I’m glad the courts have dealt positively with him.”

“Hopefully, this case will show that we take any instances of unsafe driving very seriously. We will proceed with prosecutions accordingly. It is a great thing for our roads.

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“However it serves as a reminder to all that footage can be examined for evidence of offenses by any party.

“So, if you commit an offence as well as the person you’re reporting to us, you may face prosecution too. We will not overlook one offence to prosecute another.”

However, the woman who filmed him was also prosecuted for lane hogging


But, his wife was also accused of lane hooting.Credit to SWNS

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