Woman Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant until Her Baby’s Head Popped Out While in the Bedroom

A Kiwi woman had no idea she was in labor until she saw her baby’s head. The woman was stunned and gave birth to the baby in her bedroom by herself.

Karla Akuhata experienced painful cramps. But the 41-year-old didn’t think these were unusual. She was taking a relaxing shower at her mom’s North Island, New Zealand home when the unexpected happened.

This month, her life changed completely when she crouched down in pain on the bedroom floor. Although she knew something was wrong, she only realized it when it was too late for her to rush to the hospital.

The woman who gave birth to a baby without knowing she was pregnant until she was in labor | Photo: Facebook/karla.akuhata & Shutterstock

The woman who gave birth to a baby without knowing she was pregnant until she was in labor


The woman was busy giving birth, and she had no clue she was pregnant at all. Within 15 minutes, Akuhata was holding her newborn son, Tamarangi, in her hands.

She delivered her “miracle baby” without any assistance from her family members in the next room. After a relatively challenging journey with conceiving in her younger years, she didn’t think having a baby at her age was even possible.


This history in the reproductive department is another reason why her pregnancy came as such a shock.Akuhata said there were a few small indicators that something was happening inside her body.

A lack of energy and bloating were some of the symptoms she noticed. She didn’t pay much attention to them. She also shared that she didn’t have the expected “pregnant belly.”


To treat her discomfort, she drank peppermint tea, but she had a healthy appetite despite her bloating. This confused her mother, who told her: “You are saying you’re bloated and have tummy issues, but you are still eating.”

This spurred on a pregnancy joke from the mother. It was not a joke, and they didn’t know. Before calling the ambulance, Akuhata called her mother to tell her. Her mother was stunned.


When the emergency personnel arrived, they cut the umbilical cord and ensured both mom and baby were healthy. Both of them were discharged from the hospital at 2:20 pm.

By the time they arrived home, the family had gathered all of the needed baby goodies such as clothing, a cot, and nappies. They had only a few hours to prepare the baby and did an excellent job supporting the mother.


Known as cryptic or stealth pregnancies, these encounters are more common than people think. Akuhata said she knows people will have a lot to say about her pregnancy.

Akuhata hopes that her story will be uplifting in an otherwise harmful year.

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