Will Smith Allegedly Facing $400M Divorce From Jada After Oscars Scandal, Unverified Insider Claims

Are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith getting divorced? In the wake of the Academy Awards, one report believes the Smiths may break up for good. Gossip Cop investigates.

Will Smith’s ‘$400M Divorce Smackdown!’

You know the story at this point. Chris Rock made a joke at the 92nd Academy Awards about Jada’s shaved head. Will took exception and physically struck Rock before bellowing about names and mouths. The scandal took every inch of the spotlight, and it turned what should have been CODA’s night into a night everyone would rather forget.

According to the Globe, the violence is further proof of discontent in Will’s marriage to Jada. A friend believes the incident spells doom for the union. “Will felt Chris was mocking him and sneering at how emasculated he’s become.”

Jada and Will famously discussed her entanglement with August Alsina in front of the whole world. An insider says the family is sticking together publicly, “but in private this is a huge embarrassment, especially for Jada.” To make matters worse, the two don’t have a prenup. If they did get divorced, the source warns, Will’s whole fortune would be at stake.

Are Will And Jada Getting Divorced?

As soon as Will Smith struck Chris Rock, you could practically hear the sounds of tabloids salivating and reporters typing. Gossip Cop has seen many big stories written over far less. The Globe‘s divorce prediction was lazy but inevitable.

It’s easy to judge the Smiths from afar, especially after what happened at the Oscars, but this story relies solely on speculation and not on hard facts. Will’s son Jaden defended his actions, and Jada has had every opportunity to attack her husband over this. Instead, she had his back all night and continues to do so.

There is nothing noteworthy about this story because it relies solely on so-called sources. Real “friends” of the Smiths, like Queen Latifah or Denzel Washington, have had his back and certainly wouldn’t go blabbing to such a rotten outlet. Since the Smiths stayed together through the Alsina affair, it really feels like they’re determined to stay married no matter what.

More Marital Attacks

Gossip Cop can’t buy into this story because we’ve seen it so many times before. The Globe has predicted a divorce for Will and Jada Pinkett Smith on numerous occasions. Last year, it claimed they were getting a $270 million divorce. In December, it claimed the Smiths were nearing a $350 million divorce. Apparently, they have earned over $50 million in one season.

These numbers are seemingly pulled from thin air. Just a few weeks ago, this tabloid reported that Will was furious over Jada’s friendship with Latifah. Will helped Latifah land her first acting gig on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, so that was totally bogus. This outlet has cried divorce far too many times to be trusted now. It’s just trying to cash in on a regrettable smack.

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