Who is Itachi Uchiha and Why Did He Kill His Own Clan?

Who is Itachi Uchiha and Why Did He Kill His Own Clan?Revered and feared in the world of Naruto, Itachi Uchiha is one of if not the most infamous ninja. His formidable skill and allegiance with the nefarious Akatsuki aside, his claim to fame had to kill his entire clan of fellow Uchiha family members.

Years before the main story’s events, the Uchiha clan was one of the four noble clans of the Hidden Leaf Village, thanks to their Sharingan and natural talents. Itachi himself was a prodigy among them, has become an elite ninja at a young age. Despite this, he lived happily with his parents and brother Sasuke.

That all changed in one night, when he suddenly massacred his whole clan, leaving only his brother alive.

Itachi was forced to make an impossible choice.Who is Itachi Uchiha and Why Did He Kill His Own Clan?

The members of the Uchiha clan planned to use Itachi’s position as a rising star among the Hidden Leaf ninja as a means to spy on them. Naturally, this put Itachi at a crossroads.

He knew all too well that a conflict between the power Uchiha clan and the Hidden Leaf’s forces would result in another World War. He began secretly reporting the Uchiha’s meetings to the Hidden Leaf Council, desperately pursuing a peaceful negotiation.

As both familial and political tensions began to escalate, Itachi could no longer avoid bloodshed. Though he was desperate for peace among his people, he was forced to choose between joining the Uchiha uprising and dying alongside his family or eliminating his clan himself and being allowed to spare only his brother.

The rest is history. Violent, tragic history.




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