Who is Chase’s Scared Woman?

Chrisley Knows Best fans that follow Chase Chrisley on TikTok have a question. They are curious to find out who the woman Chase keeps scaring is. Continue reading to learn more.

Who is Chase's Scared Woman?

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From the looks of Chase Chrisley’s TikTok, Todd Chrisley isn’t the only one with an affinity for pranks. It seems like about two days ago, Chase takes up making “scare cam” videos. One fan even calls this compilation of videos “Welcome to how to make your maid quit her job 101.”

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In the first video, he comes around the corner into a bathroom, makes a weird bird screech, and terrifies a young, petite blond woman that appears to be doing some clean-up.

There is minimal speculation in the comment section, but one fan does inquire if this is Chase’s “other grandma.”

In the second video, the young lady is doing some tidying in a pristine laundry room. Todd’s middle son makes the same noise. He almost gives the mystery woman heart attack.

In the comment section, fans don’t seem too concerned about the near heart attack. They are interested in talking about the laundry area. Below are some of the comments.

“Can we talk about the double washer and dryer?? My dream laundry room.”


“I just want the laundry room!!!”

Mystery woman identified

The most recent video features the same woman tidying the kitchen when Chase Chrisley scares her. Fans will learn more about this young lady.

@chasemchrisleyFor everyone asking this is Jill she has worked with our family for a long time and the entire time i have scared the shit out of her ##funny♬ original sound – Chase Chrisley

The videos only feature one person, and fans don’t know who she is. This was the last video. The Chrisley Knows Best star finally reveals the identity of the young woman in his scare cam videos. In the caption, Chase writes, “For everyone asking this is Jill.” Then, he fills in some more details about the dynamic between himself and Jill. Chase says, “she has worked with our family for a long time and the entire time i have scared the shit out of her.”


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