What We Know About Tom Cruise’s Split From Hayley Atwell

What We Know About Tom Cruise's Split From Hayley Atwell

While Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell are going their separate ways, luckily, their split has been amicable.

According to a film insider, who spoke with Central Recorder, as the latest film winds down, the two have decided to go back to being friends. “Their filming schedules are very full-on, and Tom has a number of other commitments coming up and is always shooting around by private helicopter and jet so it just ran its course,” the insider continued. “But they’re still happy to work together. It’s a shame, but just one of those things. They still get on well,” said the insider of Cruise and Atwell.

Given filming for “Mission Impossible 7” is nearing the end, did their relationship begin because of the strict COVID-19 protocols in place? While we will never know for sure, at the time of filming, a production source told Central Recorder that Cruise and Atwell had hit it off from day one. “Lockdown, and all the difficulties that came with it, brought them even closer and they’ve become fairly inseparable,” the source claimed at the time. 

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