‘Wednesday, Nice to Meet You, Sheep’

‘Wednesday, Nice to Meet You, Sheep’

Taylor Swift’s addictive vault puzzle game has fans hooked and many Swifties are speculating the meaning behind the game’s answers – Nice to Meet You, Wednesday, Sheep and Golf Club.

Ahead of the songstresses’ 1989 (Taylor’s version) release, she joined hands with none other than Google to create a fun game. The game is called the Taylor Swift vault puzzle gives users multiple puzzles to solve and the answers are the names of new songs set to be featured in the singer‘s upcoming re-release. The 33-year-old Grammy winner released a set of new songs with Red (Taylor’s version) and Fearless (Taylor’s version) as well. She calls these never-heard-before tracks of her ‘from the vault’ songs. As fans are hopping on the Taylor Swift vault puzzle game, they are also speculating about the deeper meaning behind the answers Nice to Meet You, Wednesday, Sheep, Golf Club.

Fans think ‘Nice to Meet You’ vault answer means a collab is coming

Many fans took to Twitter to discuss the Nice to Meet You vault puzzle answer after they had reached that stage of the puzzle.

Several Swifties pointed out how the answer “nice to meet you” also led to former One Direction singer Niall Horan’s Nice To Meet Ya song.

This caused many fans to speculate that one of the Vault songs could feature the Irish singer and songwriter. However, Swifties might have to wait a few more hours to find out if that is really the case. Taylor is known for leaving several easter eggs in her albums, songs, and even her major announcements. Hence, fans speculating about the above-mentioned is of no surprise.

‘Wednesday’ from Taylor Swift’s vault puzzle has a special meaning

Fans also speculated that the vault puzzle answer Wednesday also has a special meaning. Several Swifties speculated that the answer holds a special meaning as Taylor was born on a Wednesday in 1989. One fan also pointed out how Taylor’s birthday this year also falls on a Wednesday.

Fans discuss Taylor’s vault answer ‘Sheep’

One fan speculated that the answer Sheep from the Vault Puzzle is a throwback to the time Taylor was seen having a rational conversation with a sheep. More and more Swifties are getting convinced about this theory after the Hint for the puzzle said ‘Impossible to reason with.’

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