WayV is back 2022, with EP Phantom. This date has been confirmed

NCT subunit WayV has confirmed a date for their 2022 comeback Phantom with six members Kun, Ten, Winwin, Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang.

Fans are thrilled to have the Chinese subunit of Neo Culture Technology making another comeback after a year’s worth of wait. WayV’s last comeback Kick Back was released on March 10, 2021, when the group showed its solid presence in music charts as well as album sales racking up over half a million sales in South Korea and Japan.

Moreover, Kick back also became the group’s first-ever EP to chart at number one on Korea’s Gaon Album Chart.

Release date of WayV’s comeback 2022

WayV’s 2022 reunion with Phantom will take place on December 9. We will update the release time as soon as possible.

WayV can be found here ‘unbeatable in red’

After Get back in the game, it is WayV’s time to kick forward says excited fans reacting to the epic comeback poster!

WayV’s Phantom return will see them bringing back their red-and-gold color scheme, which fans love. ‘Take Over The Moon’ era!

WayV fandom is a deep-rooted fandom that loves red. Gushed, “not to be #that person in 2022 but WAYV looks unbeatable in red, it really is their color.”

According to a third fan, a top-tier return is possible.

Another fan Echoed, “Phantom looks like it’s about to top everything in WAYV’s discography.”

A fourth fan summarized WAYV’s top three signature colours posting:

A look into WayV’s discography

WayV debuted on January 17, 2019, with the digital single album The Vision and since then, the C-pop unit of NCT has made a special place in NCTzens’s hearts!

WayV boasts some of NCT’s most skilled and versatile stars, and every Moonwalk song has managed to bring something new to the fans.

WayV’s Extended Plays include Take Off, Take Over The Moon, and Kick Back. Plus the group’s members have also released a number of unit singles like Low Low and Back To You.

While waiting for the group’s new comeback, take a look at WayV’s discography below.

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