Wayne Couzens Pleaded Guilty Killing of Sarah Everard.

Wayne Couzens Pleaded Guilty Killing of Sarah Everard.SARAH Everard vanished while walking home from her friend’s house in Clapham on March 3.

Later, her killer, PC Wayne Couzens (48), was sentenced on September 30, 2021, to a full-life tariff in prison.

Sarah Everard, 33, went missing on March 3, 2021

Sarah Everard, 33, went missing on March 3, 2021

Who is PC Wayne Couzens?Wayne Couzens Pleaded Guilty Killing of Sarah Everard.

Couzens, a 48-year old constable with the Met Police, lived in Deal with his wife. They have two young children.

Couzens has been a Met officer since 2018. He was part of an armed group responsible for protecting the embassies and London’s parliamentary estate.

Six days after Sarah disappeared, the father-of-two was arrested at his Kent home in Deal.

Met Police confirmed that the suspect wasn’t on duty at Sarah’s disappearance.

In Deal, Kent, a neighbor said: “He’s known as a police officer throughout the street.”

Couzens commuted into London from his coastal home to guard some of Britain’s most high-profile buildings and people.

After working more than 20 years in a garage owned by Ray in Dover, Couzens realized his dream.

BCB Dover in Western Heights closed its doors in 2015, after 48 years.

Couzens was an apprentice at the BCB Dover in Western Heights, working as a light vehicle body repair technician.

Couzens worked there from 1990 to 2011 before becoming a police officer following the lead of his brother David.

After joining the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, he went on to join the Metropolitan Police.

Shaven-headed Couzens was highly regarded among colleagues for his calm approach — a key attribute for a gun cop.

Couzens was stationed in Dungeness, where he received firearms instruction with the nuclear force.

Couzens, based at Dungeness and trained as a firearms instructor with the nuclear force, transferred to Met in September 2018. There, he worked as an armed diplomatic protection officer. He guarded embassies and other high-profile targets.

Couzens was living with his family, including his children and their dog.

Couzens enjoyed cycling and running, according to his friends. He was also a skilled mechanic and enjoyed spending a lot of time working on his front drive.

He pleaded guilty to Sarah Everard’s murder.

The murder of Sarah Everard was pleaded guilty by the ex-cop on Friday, 9 July 2021.

He had previously pleaded guilty to the kidnap and rape and accepted the responsibility for the 33-year-old’s killing.

He pleaded guilty to kidnapping Ms. Everard “unlawfully and by force or fraud” on March 3, 2021

He also pleaded guilty to a second charge of rape between March 2 and 10.

The Met Police officer appeared via video link at the Old Bailey.

Sarah’s family was present in the public gallery while the monster made his formal plea.

How long will Wayne Couzens spend in prison?

Wayne Cousins received a full life tariff from Lord Justice Fulford on September 30. He was then told that he would be dying in prison.

Lord Justice Fulford issued the rare order because he had abused his police officer position.

He was also the first British police officer to receive this sentence.

The judge said that Sarah Everard was an innocent victim of a horrendous series of events culminated in her death. She was walking home.”

He told how Couzens spent a month traveling from his home in Deal, Kent, to London while hatching a gruesome plan to “hunt a lone female to kidnap and rape.”

Lord Justice Fulford said Couzens carried out “warped, selfish and brutal offending that was both sexual and homicidal.”

He added: “Sarah Everard’s state of mind, and what she had to endure would have been as bleak and agonizing as it is possible to imagine.”

Sarah disappeared after leaving her friend's house in Clapham
Sarah disappeared after leaving her friend’s house in Clapham

What happened to Sarah Everard?

Sarah vanished after leaving Clapham (South London) on Wednesday, March 3.

She left the property at 9 pm and started walking towards her Brixton home.

After 15 minutes of calling her boyfriend on the phone, she was captured on CCTV at Clapham at 9.30 pm.

According to the prosecutor, her boyfriend reported her missing on March 4.

After she vanished, the police began a massive search for her. They searched all the ponds around the area.

Wayne Couzens, a retired Met Police officer in his 40s, was charged by detectives investigating her disappearance.

Her body was discovered in Ashford in Kent a week later after she vanished.

Sarah Everard died from compression of the neck. Post-mortem results were released on June 1, 2021.

Metropolitan Police stated: “A post-mortem examination into Sarah Everard’s death at the William Harvey Hospital, Ashford has revealed that compression to the neck was the cause of her death.

“Sarah’s family have been informed and are being supported by specialist officers.”

In March, an inquest opened and adjourned heard how the pathologist had “not given a medical cause of death.”

The death of Sarah Everard has sparked protests across the country and calls for violence against women to be stopped.

After kidnapping and then raping Sarah Everard as she walked home, PC Wayne Couzens admitted to her murder.

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