Warning Covid Omicron variant Omicron spreads quickly and can be transmitted between fully vaxxed individuals, making jabs less effective.

GOVERNMENT scientists warned that the Covid variant is spreading quickly and can be passed between people who are fully vaccinated.

This evening, amid growing concern about the new Covid super-strain Omicron, the latest warning was given at a Downing Street press conference.

The new variant spreads rapidly and can be transmitted between fully vaccinated people


The new variant spreads quickly and can be passed between fully vaccinated individualsCredit: AFP

Chris Whitty, Chief Medicine Officer, said today that it is still unclear how effective the vaccine protects against the latest strain.

However, people who are fully injected and receive the booster are less likely be seriously ill.

The move comes after concerns that Omicron variants could reduce vaccine protection by up to 40%.

Experts warn that this strain is the most advanced, with 50 mutations. 32 of these are particularly concerning and could prove to be more dangerous than Delta.

Boris Johnson today urged Brits not to get their jabs, and confirmed that the third campaign of vaccines would take place. “boost”You can reduce the time it takes to get the booster and second jab.

“From today we’re going to boost the booster campaign, we’re already planning to do six million jabs in England alone over the next three weeks and now we’re looking to go further,”Johnson spoke.

“The Health Secretary has asked the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) to consider giving boosters to as wide a group as possible as well as reducing the gap between your second dose and your booster.”

Early signs indicate that the new strain could spread just as quickly or faster than Delta.

Prof Wendy Barclay from Imperial College London said: “It will be several weeks before we have answers. We have no evidence that it’s causing any more severe disease but we know it is transmitting well.”

The PM also announced added restrictions this evening after two cases of the dreaded super-spreading strain were reported in Essex and Nottingham.

Both cases are currently being investigated and are thought to be related to South Africa travel.

Facial coverings will soon be required in shops and public transport. “next week”A statement by 10 Downing Street.

Following the press conference by Prime Minister, this statement stated: “Face covers will be compulsory in shops and public transport starting next week.

“All hospitality settings will be exempt.”


Johnson stated that tighter border controls will not be enough to stop the variant from spreading in Britain. “proportionate and targeted measures”They were urgently needed.

He told a Downing Street news briefing: “We need to slow down the spread of this variant here in the UK.

“In addition to all the existing measures, we will ask all contacts of anyone who tests positive for Omicron to self isolate for 10 days regardless if you have been vaccinated.

“We will also go further in asking all of you to help contain the spread of this variant by tightening up the rules on face coverings in shops and on public transport.”

Despite the alarming reports about the “horrific”Boris did not mention a return to the work from home order for mutation, as it was first discovered in South Africa.

There are three ways Britain can fight ‘horrific’Save Christmas with Omicron Covid Variant

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