Video shows frozen turkey exploding in deep fryer

Video shows frozen turkey exploding in deep fryer

An example of how simple it is to cook a turkey caused a fryer to catch fire and a turkey explode into a deadly explosion at the fire department.

Gulfport Fire Department, Mississippi, posted a video on Facebook to warn of the dangers of Thanksgiving in the United States.

A firefighter in protective gear used a long rod with a long handle to place a frozen turkey in hot oil.

Seconds after the oil was added, the oil bubbled over and it almost immediately caught fire.

This was a shocking demonstration of how dangerous deep-frying a turkey can be.

Billy Kelley, the fire chief, explained how to avoid a Thanksgiving fire by showing you how to do it safely.

Kelley stated: “We put in a frozen turkey. It immediately turns and thaws it out and the water will make the oil flare-up.

“So, when cooking turkeys make sure they’re completely thawed out and you dry them off before you put them in.

“And make sure your oil’s at the correct temperature and not too hot or it will flare up on you and cause a bad day.”

The video was captioned by the Gulfport Fire Department, which stated that these types fires are unfortunately not uncommon.  “a very familiar scene”Over the holiday season.

According to Scientific American, The reaction between oil and water causes an explosion “at different densities”.

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