Varisu continues after the alleged filming of elephants without permission


Varisu is still in production despite the Animal Welfare Board Of India’s (AWBI), announcing that five elephants were filmed illegally.

The year 2022 was a remarkable one for Indian cinema. 2023, if we take the current hype and expectation as an indication, should also be a great year.

One of the more highly anticipated films of the New Year is Vijay’s Varisu, which is set to release on January 12 in accordance with the Pongal celebrations.

Varisu’s production has faced many problems, including the recent issue with the shooting of Elephants without permission.

Varisu gave notice to film with Elephants

The report was compiled by The Times of IndiaVarisu Production is currently in trouble with the AWBI because it allegedly used Elephants without express permission.

The article, written by Komal Gautham, explains how the AWBI has received a complaint regarding the illegal shooting (filming) of animals, specifically performing animals by Venkateswara Creations – the team behind Varisu.

“Every person has to register with the board if the animals are being exhibited or trained. It is also informed that exhibiting animals without permission of the board is an offense under Section 26 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. The Elephants are protected under Schedule-I of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. And as per the Rule 7(2) of the Performing Animals (Registration) Rules, 2001, it is necessary to obtain prior permission for using performing animals in films.” – Animal Welfare Board of India, via The Times of India.

Since then, the letter sent by the AWBI from Varisu’s production team was published in various outlets including LetsCinema Twitter page. This confirms that the movie features five Elephants, but that each elephant was allowed to appear in it.

The Varisu Team has seven days for a response to the letter. The Times of India then takes over Send us your reports That “AWBI shall take any or all such action as it may deem to consider proper and necessary for the welfare of the animals.”

After Pongal 2023’s release controversy, Varisu continues to be a problem

Unfortunately, the issues concerning the production of Varisu are following another controversy involving the film’s eventual release; set for Pongal 2023 in both Tamil and Telugu.

The per Entertainment Times of IndiaTelugu Film Producers Council made a statement in which it stated that Telugu movies would have preference over all other bilingual or dubbed films.

“Therefore, the Telugu Film Producers Council requests the exhibitors to invariably implement this decision: ‘Only Telugu straight Films should be given preference during the festivals of Sankranthi and Dassera for screening in theatres and the remaining may be given to dubbed Telugu movies’.” – Telugu Film Producers Council, via The Hindustan Times.

Since the announcement, many within the movie industry have come out in support of actor Vijay’s Varisu and requested the Telugu Film Producers Council to rethink the decision.

Lingusamy, Director has also Part of the shared He shared his opinion and said that it was unacceptable for any film to be the subject of such controversy.

Telugu Film Producers Council must reconsider this decision. ‘KGF 2’ Box office clashes with ‘Beast’ In January 2023 there had been no previous issue by the council. reportedly said.

Fingers crossed that Varisu can escape further controversy as we countdown to the film’s release in early 2023.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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