Urgent warning to anyone who’s had Covid over devastating side effect

Experts warn that anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid may be suffering from serious mental health issues.

An extensive study examining the mental health effects of Covid-19 infection on the long-term found that people over 50 are at greater risk for psychological problems.

Worse mental health associated with the virus does not lessen over time after infection.


After infection, the effects of the virus on mental health are not diminished.Credit: Getty

It was found that people who had Covid, regardless of their age, gender, or ethnicity, were more likely than others to develop mental health problems.

Researchers from England found rises in psychological distress, depression, anxiety, and lower life satisfaction among those who had the virus at some point.

Research has shown that Adults and women aged 25-44After Covid, were the most vulnerable to mental health problems.

Experts believe that people over 50 years old are more vulnerable to mental illness after Covid because they are more likely than others to suffer severe symptoms.

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Experts also stated that people over 50 are more likely to catch the virus than younger people and more susceptible to brain and blood vessel changes.

Researchers also discovered that the virus can cause a decline in mental health over time.

Joint first author Dr Ellen Thompson of King’s College London said: “These findings suggest that there were prolonged mental health consequences of Covid-19 infection for some people at the beginning of this pandemic.

“Understanding why this is the case will be key to finding treatment strategies for those affected as well as preventing such effects in future pandemic waves,”She continued.

The team examined data from almost 55,000 people who tested positive for the virus and those who participated in research projects during the pandemic.

The Lancet Psychiatry published the research.

In a separate study, experts that people who have had Covid-19 are more at risk of developing brain complications such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and ischaemic stroke.

Here are the top 20 Covid symptoms currently

New data shows that Covid-19 cases have increased by 34% in the past two weeks. The following are the top 20 symptoms experienced by people:

  1. Sore throat – 63.55%
  2. Runny nose – 53.04%
  3. Headache – 53.02%
  4. Blocked nose – 52.47%
  5. No phlegm, cough – 52.06%
  6. Sneezing: 47.02%
  7. Cough with phlegm 45.79%
  8. Hoarse voice – 43.86%
  9. Muscle pain aches – 29.46%
  10. Fatigue – 22.97%
  11. Dizzy light headed 21.11%
  12. Altered smell – 19.82%
  13. Swollen neck glands – 17.72%
  14. Eye irritation – 16.41%
  15. The sensation of tightness in your chest is 16.26%
  16. Breathing problems – 15.9%
  17. Loss of smell – 14.45%
  18. Earache – 13.96%
  19. Chills and shivers – 12.98%
  20. Joint pain shoulders – 11.08%

In contrast, research from earlier this year suggested that people who have been hospitalized for at least seven days with a more severe infection are more likely than others to develop depression or anxiety.

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The research showed that the mental symptoms of mental illness do subside with time. However, the effects last longer for those who are bedridden.

A second study found that catch-and-release was actually more common than previously thought. Covid helps people feel less anxious and depressed.You are better off not getting the virus.

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