Tyson Fury States Eddie Hearn kept Anthony Joshua From Fighting him for 10 years!

Fury claimed that Hearn made sure Joshua didn’t fight him for 10+ years, despite an agreement for them to meet in Saudi Arabia earlier in the year.

Boxing: Hearn gets a slap in the face from Fury in an expletive-laden rant

Tyson Fury claims that Eddie Hearn made sure that Anthony Joshua did not fight him for ten years, despite having previously close in on a undisputed match.

Tyson Fury States Eddie Hearn kept Anthony Joshua From Fighting him for 10 years!

Both the British pair will now be tested against each other in heavyweight. Joshua is defending his unified titles against Oleksandr Uzyk while Deontay Wilder takes on the bitter rival.

If the duels are successful, they may try to reach an agreement for an undisputed match provided that no criteria are required.

Fury now claims that Hearn spent the last ten years keeping Joshua away.

“AJ couldn’t smoke a cigarette, never mind smoke the ‘Gypsy King’, “Fury told The Overlap. “I will absolutely annihilate that bodybuilder. That’s why Eddie Hearn’s been steering around me for the past 10 years.”

Tyson Fury says Eddie Hearn has kept Anthony Joshua apart from him for 10+ years

They had signed a contract in July for an undisputed fight to be held in Saudi Arabia. However, the fight and relations broke down after Wilder filed a dispute. The contract was not settled and a three-fight was enforced.

The 33-year-old admitted that he was “never optimistic”The fight would go ahead, regardless of Wilder’s situation.

“I have never been optimistic about this fight happening, even when the fight was agreed initially and we were set to go at it in Saudi Arabia,” Fury continued. “But I still wasn’t optimistic about it, and guess what it never happened, but I do feel this fight will happen eventually.

“I do think sooner or later it will happen, even if we have to go completely awol and bin all the belts to make the fight happen between us for whatever reason.

“I am willing to do that, but I am not sure he is.

Fury’s current rival Wilder is being referred to as “embarrassing” After posting a training clip ahead of his October 9 revenge mission, fans were inspired to support him.

Fury’s assistant trainer Andy Lee supports Wilder despite the label. “dangerous”Fury will test it, even though he predicted his fighter would pass it.

“I think it’s a very dangerous fight, “The ex-middleweight champion stated. “I think Wilder’s body will be fresh, so it’s a very dangerous fight.”

“He’s got a lot to prove, he’s going to be very motivated for this fight.”

Joshua is Hearn’s best client, but a showdown between Fury and Joshua appears to still be possible

Fury is currently offline from social media following the start of his training camp after Athena, his newborn daughter, improved her health after she was born in critical condition.

And the Gypsy King is confident that he can put on another dominant display in spite of all the interruptions. With his opponent warned, he must “accept” He will use his previous defeat to exact revenge.

The lineal heavyweight champion has many options. His father acknowledged that he could switch to MMA, and his cousin refused to rule out challenging him for his heavyweight title.

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