Trisha yearwood honored Betty White’s 100th birthday in a truly memorable way

Trisha yearwood honored Betty White's 100th birthday in a truly memorable way

Trisha Yearwood honored Betty White’s 100th birthday by supporting one of her biggest passions in life — animals. Yearwood used a TalkShopLive Livestream, raised funds for White’s animal charity, Dottie’s Yard, ushering in $24,000 in 15 minutes, per the Daily Mail. “I just think Betty right now is so happy that this is the way that the world is choosing to celebrate her birthday by giving to animals which was so near and dear to her heart,”Yearwood said that she was joined by her two rescue dogs.

Fundraising was an integral part of the “#BettyWhiteChallenge,”According to the Mail, White’s fans launched an online campaign to get people to donate to animal shelters and charities. Yearwood noted that there are other ways to help, as well as monetary ones. “If you can’t donate money, everybody has a shelter. There’s a local shelter in your area or humane association. You can volunteer, you can drop off supplies,”She noted. Yearwood collected approximately $38,000 in donations.

Yearwood made a touching observation about White during the stream. She recalled the moment her daughter Ally met White and how she fell in love with her child. “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” star. “I think Betty’s appeal was just really — there was no limit, no age group,”Yearwood spoke. “Everybody loved her.” 

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