Travellers are warned to be aware of a little-known bag rule that could prove deadly if ignored.

Travellers are being warned about an important baggage policy that’s little known. It could prove deadly if you ignore it.

If you are a Brit and want to bring a powerbank to the plane to charge your phone, be sure to check what rules apply.

Pandora Sykes claimed she was banned from flying with a smart bag


Pandora Sykes claims she has been prohibited from travelling with a bag that is smart.Credit: Getty
Lithium battery packs can burst into flames


The Lithium Battery Packs can catch fireCredit: Getty

Batteries taken aboard cannot be more than 100 Watt-hours.

Travellers who try to carry the bags on board are at greater risk of causing a fire that could be life-threatening.

It is possible for lithium batteries to cause dangerous levels of heat, ignition and fires.

Joe from Grepow, a rechargeable battery company, stated: “They might seem small but their impact when they start a fire aboard is unimaginable.”

YouTube has been flooded with videos “of these devices bursting into fire”.

Influencer Pandora Sykes recently revealed she had been barred from a plane for trying check-in luggage with USB port.

She warned: “You should be careful if you fly easyJet.

Our checked-in bags have USB ports.

No refund is expected, of course. They make me angry as if a million suns.

“We didn’t realise they had changed their conditions. We’ve flown lots with these bags before.”

The smart bags are equipped with a range of features, including Bluetooth, WiFi, and charging ports.

Some airlines have banned them due to their lithium-ion batteries that are inflammable.

Two passengers were burned in January of this year after the portable power charger on their flight from Taiwan back to Singapore caught fire.

In a video clip, passengers are seen screaming and sputtering as flames and smoke billow out of a row.

A United Airlines flight in February was forced to return to California mid-flight after the battery of a passenger caught fire.

This comes after one pilot shared which brand of luggage he prefers and explained why.

A pen can be used to quickly check whether your luggage has been protected from theft.

Be smart with your bags

UK Airlines have strict rules regarding’smartbags’

EasyJet requires that customers remove and disconnect the battery from the aircraft before bringing it in the bag.

The battery must be removed by the passenger before boarding.

British Airways requires the same thing, except that the maximum capacity of the battery is 100Wh.

Ryanair requires that all passengers take out the battery and carry it at all times.

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