Three ways Britain will fight ‘horrific’Omicron Covid version and Christmas savings

Officially, a NEW super-strain from Covid has been named. “variant of concern”There have been two cases in the UK.

Sir Patrick Vallance, the chief scientist advisor to the government, shared today three ways Brits could fight the Omicron variant of the virus and save Christmas.

There have been two reported cases of the new variant in the UK


Two cases have been reported in the UK of this new variant.Credit: Getty
Sir Patrick Vallance shared three ways Britain will tackle the new variant


Sir Patrick Vallance shared three strategies for Britain to tackle the new variantCredit: Sky News

Limit the entry of people into the country

At the Covid press conference Mr Vallance stated that the first step to limiting the number of cases of the disease was to reduce the amount. “horrific”The variant was meant to stop infected people from entering the UK.

“The first is to try to limit the number of cases that enter the country from places that have got lots of cases,”He said.

“And that means trying to detect people and prevent them from spreading in the country.”

Earlier in the press conference the PM announced that everyone arriving in Britain for the first time would need to have a PCR test done for Covid-19.

Travellers need to be able to isolate themselves until they are able provide a negative outcome.

Reduce spread

Britain can also combat the disease by decreasing the spread of infection.

Vallance said that this could be achieved by reporting all Omicron variant cases and ensuring that the infected are isolated to limit spread.

“The second is to make sure that when we do have cases in the country, and we will have cases just as other countries will have, that we try and limit spread in the country and that means detecting those cases, making sure the contacts are identified,”The scientific expert stated.

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Sajid Javid stated that the South African variant has been identified. “may be more transmissible”Added to the Delta strain: “The vaccines that we currently have may be less effective”.

Officials are trying desperately to locate thousands of people who arrived in South Africa within the last ten days.

Two cases have been reported of Omicron variants in Britain so far.

Both cases are currently being investigated and are thought to be related to South Africa travel.

Defense through boosters

A third option to fight the new strain in Britain is for all Brits to get vaccinated, including the booster shot.

“And the third is to bolster our defences,”Vallance stated.

“And the defences are first and foremost to make sure that the vaccines are boosted because very high levels of antibody coverage will create a higher proportion of people protected even against a variant.”

Sajid Javid urged all eligible Brits to immediately get their booster shots last night.

“We must continue to act with caution, and do all we can to keep this virus at bay including, once you are eligible, getting your booster shot,”Mr Javid spoke.

“We’ve already given over 16 million booster shots. The booster jab was already important before we knew about this variant – but now, it could not be more important.

“So please, if you’re eligible get your booster shot, do not delay.”


This is due to fears that this Christmas would be cancelled because of the high number of cases involved and the new variant.

According to a senior aviation source, there are “serious jitters”In every corner of the industry, there is telling The Times: “There is now a massive question mark over Christmas.

“It is clear the red list will expand and that will have a massive knock on.”

Facial coverings will soon be required in shops and on public transportation. “next week”A statement from 10 Downing Street stated that.

Following the press conference by Prime Minister, this statement stated: “Face covers will be compulsory in shops and public transport starting next week.

“All hospitality settings will be exempt.”

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